A Total Solution for Payment of All Your Freight Invoices.

TABS provides comprehensive services to increase speed and accuracy at every step of the process for paying domestic and international freight invoices. We take care of everything from the auditing of every carrier invoice, to resolving disputed freight charges, to preparing payments and carrier remittances.

By leveraging the greater efficiency of our extensive electronic billing and EDI processes, TABS reduces paperwork and avoids having to make or field multiple phone calls to reconcile payment with numerous carriers. That frees up your administrative personnel and saves your accounts payable department from having to handle hundreds of invoices from multiple carriers. We compile them all for you on one convenient invoice.

In addition, TABS provides powerful and flexible reporting tools and data archiving, which allow you to better track and analyze every aspect of your transportation expenditures. Giving you instant access to current and historical shipping information, TABS provides the information services you need to identify cost-saving opportunities and make better, more informed strategic decisions.

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