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TABS Parcel Management Services can save you up to 5% if you ship a substantial number of parcels with UPS, FedEx, or DHL.  Leveraging the data of EDI invoicing in conjunction with our broad range of audit and payment services, TABS gives you visibility into your parcel costs and carrier performance with management reporting to better manage your costs and business.   Our extensive parcel processing systems audit, monitor and report on efficiency at the level of detail you need to identify and correct service failures, automatically file for reimbursement, and identify unnecessary costs

Parcel Carriers
United Parcel Service
UPS Supply Chain Solutions / UPS Express Critical – Sonic

TABS Parcel Management Service Audits
Rates and Service
Ancillary Charges
Mile and Drive Charges (Sonic/UPS Supply Chain Solutions/UPS Express Critical)
Service Failure/On-Time Delivery Guarantee
Duplicate Billing
Fuel Surcharges
Proof of Shipment
Proof of Delivery

Parcel Management Service Reports, providing detailed, clear online reports.  Our TABSTAR* business intelligence platform allows for customized reports to focus on problem areas. 
Service Failure Report
Billed Not Shipped Report
Zone/Region Reports
Service Level Reports
Charge Category Reports
Address Correction Reports
Declared Value Charge Reports
Customized Reporting Services

Consulting and Analysis Services  

TABS service optimization analysis and negotiation of parcel contracts enable you to reduce overall parcel costs.

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